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“Provide a chance for a child with disabilities”

How can you help?

“Adopt” a child!


Become individual donor for Cornelia or other children (see the stories)

Story of Cornelia Onica

Story of Codrin Blanaru

Help monthly, with an amount of money, a child that needs food and rehabilitation therapy. Give him the chance to a normal life.

  • 15 RON are needed for food, daily
  • 20 RON are needed for daily transportation in town
  • 50 RON are needed for one monthly rehabilitation therapy session
  • 400 RON are needed for 8 individual therapy sessions for every month


By donating 20% of the profit tax one firm can “adopt” a child whose monthly cost for rehabilitation therapy at The Daycare Center is 100 Euro.

The taxpayers that become sponsors, according to Law nr 32/1994 regarding sponsorship, decrease from their profit tax the amounts they donate, if the total of the expenses fulfills all following conditions:

  • it is within 3 ‰ of turnover
  • it is not more than 20% of the profit tax

In return:

  • you will receive periodical information about the child and his development
  • you are allowed to visit the child at home
  • your activity will be promoted in all info papers of Star of Hope
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