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The parents conference "Together for a better future" - Brasov, Moieciu 2013

Many thanks to all our sponsors: Star of Hope International Suedia and Star of Hope USA, our friends Dr. Rodica Malos and Kay Metsger, Maine V. Olofsson and the great-hearted people from Ulriksbergskzrkan i Vaxjo Church and with the help of Foundation Iosif Iasi, we managed to give 4 wonderfull days for 250 parents and children from all Star of Hope Romania foundations: Iasi, Vaslui, Barlad, Husi, Botosani and Republic of Moldova.

Moeciu camp brought a lot of joy and fun for both children who have seen the mountains for the first time in their lives and their parents who had the opportunity to detach, to receive useful informations about their children health and moral and spiritual support helping them to defeat the batle with life’s difficult attempts.

The romanian parents were impressed about the story of a family from USA. Chaise Tillotson, a young boy aged 19, who can’t talk or hear, in wheelchair, had the strenght to cross the ocean to be close aboard to children with disabilities from Romania.

Special guests from America and Sweden shared their experiences to romanian parents and gave them some answers about the questions regarding health, behaviour and spirituality.

We spend unforgettable moments at Moeciu, parents, children with disabilities, special guests from Romania and from abroad, everything was a delight.

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Parents impressions

"A spring is formed from droplets gathered from nature ... Together we become a stream, always united, not only to find solution to our problems but until we know for sure that the children we have will be people who will have care of us in the near future! " - (testimony of a dad from Regional Rehabilitation Center Iasi)

"Your beautiful words have inspired our confidence, faith and lit in our life the star of „Star of Hope” that we will always keep alive in our hearts!" - (parent of Public Association to support children with special needs in the hadasa_alina: in the Republic of Moldova)

„AT Star of Hope, you're like in a family, you’re listen, you’re understand. Here, we found that helping hand we long searched it.” - (testimony of a mother from Regional Rehabilitation Center Iasi)

„I appreciate very much that parents who have not split up when in their family appeared a child with disabilities and agreed to accept the destiny that God has intended for them. I was impressed by the voice and the tears of guests from abroad because I've seen purity and faith in what they were saying. You are like Angels from heaven sent by God to give us the answer to all our questions!” - (testimony of a mother from Regional Rehabilitation Center Iasi)

„It's always welcome in my mind the thought that God has everything in control and everything that happens is for a purpose, one big. hadasa_alina: My hope that God loves us as we are and it's never late to be forgiven, gives me strength. All these things I have been reminded of the conference, which enjoied me enormously.” - (testimony of a mother from Regional Rehabilitation Center Iasi)

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