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"Give to change a destiny!" - Post - event

Star of Hope Foundation Romania launched today, 25 November 2011, in the BIG Hall of the City Hall of Iasi, the regional campaign to support children with disabilities:

"Give to change a destiny!"

At event was attended Mr. Deputy Vasile Munteanu, the ambassadors of the campaign "Gift to change a destiny" Mr. Dan Lungu and Ms. Cristina Nichita, representatives of parents of children with disabilities, representatives of partner institutions, the media and other NGOs.

"Firstly, as ambassador of the project "Give to change a destiny" I would like to forward a message of confidence. I think that during The Open Day event anyone can be clarifying that the Regional Center set up by Star of Hope is a small miracle that deserves to be supported and encouraged. The second thing that I would like to share is that generosity does not necessarily mean financial support. We can all give, not only businessmen, towards which we often look when we say the word "generosity". To offer a smile to a child with a disability and having a normal behave with him, thereby giving a discreet message of his social integration, is another form of generosity. I don’t think that there are people that cannot be generous in one way or another. We should not expect only to those around us to be generous, we can begin by asking ourselves what we can offer" , said Mr. Dan Lungu.

"I am so pleased to join the Star of Hope Romania Foundation in its efforts to inform, raise awareness and urge to give in order to change the destiny of children with disabilities. I answer “yes” every time when I was asked to help the community. It is important to be known in your community that as an good example, because you can mobilize people and you can change destinies giving yourself an example: to young people, to ordinary people, to entrepreneurs, community. Recently, I have learned from a story that we should give from our little and not necessary from what we have in plus or remain in the end. Every time when we give we feed ourselves with the joy of receiver. It’s our energy and it is the emotion that will push us to give next time, too. Actually, this means the joy of giving. And I invite anyone to experience this feeling, because it's a unique feeling" , said Ms Cristina Nichita.

The campaign "Give to change a destiny" is like a heartbeat of those involved, which supports our desire as parents of these children to not be limited their integration into society, to improve their quality of life, to offer a simple joy of Christmas and to demonstrate that we can be united, because together we are stronger "said Gabriela Otelita, president of ASDBC Bacau.

Andreea Dăncinescu, a young beneficiary of foundation’s services, had a message to the entire community, where she expressed her wish to be the voice of young people with neuro-motor disabilities in Romania.

Her story impresses by her honesty and courage.

The campaign will run during the period November 25 - December 20, 2011 and will take place two major events:

  • Celebration of Day December 3 - International Day of Persons with Disabilities
  • Christmas celebration

Star of Hope Romania Foundation will celebrate in Iasi the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, through a show dedicated to children with disabilities in partnership with Association "Cutezătorii" Iasi, Children's Palace Iasi, Academy Show, Technical College "Ion Holban" and Radio Iasi. The events will be held in Radio Iasi Hall Production Group at 10:00 on date 03.12.2011.

"The Open Day" event will be held on 05.12.2011 from 11:00 - 13:00 h at Regional Rehabilitation Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities "Star of Hope", Bariera Veche street, No. 3.

We thank to all our partners who understood the importance of their involvement in this campaign.

Partners:Asociation "Renasterea Sperantei", Iasi, Asociation"Cutezatorii" Iasi, A.N.C.A.A.R Iasi, Asociation "Ne trebuie speranta" Botosani, Asociation "Pentru noi" Birlad, Asociation "Mereu impreuna" Dorohoi, Asociation "Vino si vezi" Vaslui, Asociation “Sindrom Down” Bacau.

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