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Increase of the community integration chances for the disabled child

Year: 2007

Development period: 4 months


  • The Star of Hope Romania Foundation
  • The Local Council of the City of Iasi
  • Iasi City Hall

Target group:

  • 60 disabled children/youngsters and 50 personal assistants from the city of Iasi;
  • the families of the disabled children, the local community;


  • Rehabilitation of the disabled child;
  • Increase in the quality of care offered by the personal assistant;
  • Support for the families in crisis situations;


  • Rehabilitation programs for the disabled children;
  • Training of the personal assistants;
  • Sustinerea familiilor aflate in situatii de criza;
  • Distribution of informational materials elaborated and multiplied by the Star of Hope Romania Foundation (the book 'Forbidden pain' by Gurly Fyhr, the Manual of the World Health Organisation on disabilities, the manual 'Play with your child' by Prof. Dr. Einar A. Helander).
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