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  • Development of parent associations founded and supported by Star of Hope Romania;
  • Informing the parents that have disabled children;
  • Organisational development of the Star of Hope Romania foundation;
  • Change of the mentality towards disabled children;



Main activities:

  • Organisational development courses for parents associations;
  • The program developed over 6 months in partnership with Radio Iasi (the talkshow 'Equal opportunity') and with TVR Iasi (the local branch of the state national TV station);
  • Experience exchanges between parents associations in Romania and Republic of Moldova;


Results of the project:

  • Informating over 1500 parents in the community about basic aspects from the area of disability;
  • Increase in the number of members for the parents associations (200);
  • Strengthening of the relationships between the parents in the 3 countries (Iasi, Botosani, Vaslui)
  • The establishment of a regional Federation of parents associations (7);
  • Establishemnt of a new parents association in the town of Pascani;
  • The initiative of the parents associations regarding the social inclusion of the disabled children (involvement of the parents in actions for creating awareness in the community, for socializing, mediatization and fundraising);
  • Informing the community (8 counties) through mass media on the problems that disabled people face;
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