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Community Based Rehabilitation - Dorohoi

Overall aim:

  • Equalization of opportunities for children and youngsters with disabilities

Specific aims:

  • To develop the physical and cognitive abilities/skills of children and youngsters with disabilities
  • To empower the parents that have children with disabilities
  • To develop the local community as inclusive community
  • To increase the project sustainability

Target group of the project children with disabilities (Autism, Down syndrome, Cerebral palsy, etc.) and their families, from Dorohoi town and its surroundings.

Beneficiaries :

  • Direct beneficiaries: 35 children with disabilities and 50 parents
  • Indirect beneficiaries: 50 beneficiaries (educators, children, community members)


  • To organize informal educational activities for children and youngsters with disabilities in order to improve their daily live skills (especially for the teenagers/youngsters those are not integrated in any school or social service)
  • To offer individual rehabilitation program for children with disabilities.
  • To organize socialization activities for children and youngsters with special needs
  • To facilitate the access at medical services at Children Hospital Sf. Maria Iasi.
  • To organize training courses for parents, educator, SOHRo team about methods to work with children with disabilities: 2 times/year, a Swedish specialist, Inger Lilja, comes as lector for training courses regarding disabilities area, augmentative communication, cognitive development program for children with disabilities.
  • To organize 4 events ( birthday parties, June the 1st, Mother’s day, Christmas and short trips) in collaboration with schools, kindergartens.
  • To organize 1 training session for educators regarding rehabilitation of children with special needs inclusion in schools/kindergartens.
  • To organize counseling sessions in order to help the parents overcome the crisis situations.
  • To train the parents how to continue at home the rehabilitation program for their child
  • To distribute informative material to communities members.
  • To continue in 2013 the TV shows about different disabilities, methods of recuperation; this activities will contribute to raising awareness regarding children rights, but also will inform parents, persons with disabilities about disabilities, methods to work
  • To attend different events (press conference, seminars, round tables, debates) where are discussed issues regarding child protection, rights of persons with disabilities
  • To participate at Inclusion Days in Dorohoi
  • To organize the annual Women conference
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