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Intervention in families in risk situation - Husi

Anul: 2013

Overall aim: To prevent school and family abandonment

Target group of the project: Children and families with risk situation from Husi

Specific aims:

  • To prevent the school dropout for 35 children;
  • To prevent the family abandon for 30 children
  • To develop social support for families with children with school abandonment risk
  • To increase community awareness regarding the families in difficulties
  • To increase the project sustainability


  • To provide a daily meal for children
  • To identify the children abandonment risk: in collaboration with Schools Inspectorate, Local authority for child protection, schools.
  • To assess the families from the project: the Star of Hope Romania social workers fill in the social inquiries for each new beneficiary of the project. Every 6 months the social situation is reevaluated.
  • To arrange educational help to children to do their homework. This activity is developed each day at the center. Their attendance at the center is according to their schedule at school.
  • To communicate with the educational staff from the schools in order to follow up the children’s performances at school.
  • To organize after school activities.
  • To arrange socialization activities: the children go to the park or down tow. We also organize special event on different occasions: birthdays, June the 1st, March the 8th, Christmas and short trips.
  • To organize training courses for parents and staff regarding communication; the lector is Eivor Kraft from Sweden.
  • To counsel the parent, the family members: the counseling sessions are performed according to a individual rehabilitation plan and are implemented by a psychologist or a social worker
  • To communicate with child family
  • To organize group support for family’s child
  • To offer parents counseling
  • To organize parental education training course
  • To organize the Annual Women conference
  • To inform local authorities about the children with family abandonment risks from this area
  • To advertise all project activities
  • The SOHRo team will apply for subventions from national and local budget,
  • To continue the „2” campaign
  • To fundraise from different companies in Husi.
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