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The working technique of painter Aurelian Antal

The working technique of painter Aurelian Antal from Dorohoi was appreciated at a charity auction organized in Iasi. At "Star of Hope" Gala in Iasi the painter Aurelian Antal, who invented a special working technique, offered one of his paintings to be sold at the auction in order to rise up money for supporting children with disabilities.

Being on the stage to present his painting, the artist began with a quote from the Bible, from New Testament where Jesus said, "Let the children come to me!" The disability is not at the children, but at us which are not able to receive the great love which these children provide. The truth is that this kind of love cannot be found in everyday life.

The author confessed where he got the idea for these pieces of art: "Somewhere, sometime, it happened I witnessed a miscarriage of someone from my family, a close person. This marked me, somewhere in me a suffering occurred and then I decided to put this suffering in some paintings, this being number 17."

The work is part of the „Genesis” cycle and is the 17th piece. The rest of works of art are scattered all over the world. The composition of the paper itself is a human embryo, like a seed which is waiting to be thrown into the world, into a landscape in which left and right are two parts, around a vertical axis called “the stitch". It's all about the human embryo.

"Usually people are fighting for a work of art, but I'm glad I had the opportunity to make this donation, to enrich my personal treasure by providing some help for these children. It is a technique invented by me, improved in time because in the beginning it was very toxic and put my health at great risk. Life gave me the great opportunity to participate in all artistic genres: sculpture, painting, graphics and to write, and so I was fortunate to do what I liked the most and for that I thank God",stated exclusively for Dorohoi News, the artist Aurelian Antal.

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