Center for children Babadag

Creative activities

Children in our center used their abilities and created hand made objects and decorations. This activiti is recreational and exciting for the children. ( read more )

Educational activities

Everyday we organize educational activities with the children in our center. We talked about seasons and fruits each season offers. Thus, in order for the discussions to be interactive, children drew different vegetables and learned how to distinguish them by colour, smell or taste. ( read more )

Change of experience

Children in our center had the chance to particip in a experience change with other schools in our community. It was a pleasent experience and they had an extra oportunity to socialize and share common and new experiences. ( read more )

Developing abilities through art

Art is the mean through which children can learn many things about them and about the others. Every children in our center received a rol and we made a play. Thus children saw how they should work in team and how dependent they are of each other so that the play can be completed. They learned to motivate each other and to be competitive so that the artistic moment can be exceptional. ( read more )

Learning by playing

Playing is the best learning way for children. It is an interactive technique lived by them. Therefore we look for interesting games through which they can learn to know themselves better, interact with the others, to develop or improve their independent life abilities. ( read more )

Educational activities

Every day, children in out center do their homework under our care. We offer support and help them understand what they have to do so that they can no longer encounter difficulties in making it. ( read more )

Counseling and parenting support

Meetings with parents on various topics are organized in our center every month. This time we discussed the importance of hygiene in the harmonious development of the child. On this occasion each parent received products for the maintenance of personal hygiene and detergents. ( read more )

School activities

At the Babadag Day Care Center, children received educational support to meet school requirements during the holiday and starting with the school year. Children who come to our center do not have home support for doing homework. Thus we worked intensively on mathematics and on Romanian language and literature. ( read more )

Open Doors Day

On October 6, 2017, the doors of our center were opened to our community members. The event was occasioned by the celebration of the World Education Day. People have come to visit us in great numbers, which has enjoyed us enormously. They had the opportunity to interact with the children in our center, to work with them and to know their life stories.( read more )

A new school year has begun

We welcomed the begining of the new school year with joy and emotions .The children in our center were happy to see their schoolmates and teachers again. Together we say ”Yes” to the new challenges this new school year brings. ( read more )