Center for children Pantelimon

Mother’s Day

On March 8 we celebrated the mothers within our center. Children made each of them a drawing on this special day. ( read more )

Workshops with mothers

To better manage the situation of the children that come to our center, we always keep a tight connection with their parrents. Therefore, we invite children’s mothers to our center for different activities. While we talk about children and the importance of school and education in their life, mothers create different handmade products. ( read more )

Knowledge is power

We try to support children when they have homework to do. We look for methods through which they can understand, think logically and do their homework easily. ( read more )

Skills aquired through art

Every children in our center recieved a rol: story teller, actor, juror. Each of them played the role with responsability and saw how important to be responsable when achieving something is. They saw how important that in a team everyone should be responsable for something. Without unity and involvment, things cannot be done succesfully. ( read more )

Time management

Children in our center were challenged so we can test their abilities of time management for fulfilling tasks. During 100 days children had the homework of collecting different objects and create a story connected to the collection. Some of them proved to be very creative, original and smart. They even composed poems and riddles in connection to the collected objects. The best projects were awarded. ( read more )

Emotions control

Through game, children in out center learned what emotions mean and how they can influence different situations in our life. We wished to see them having more control over their emotions so that they can never gather frustrations. This way they will always have a clean soul full of hope and will always make correct choices in life. ( read more )

Playing and learning

Everyday we show the children in our center different techniques through which they can learn and memorize easily the information they need both in school and personal life. Playing is one of the learning techniques that children often prefer. Therefore, using some glass cups and 2 cardboards, children from our center practiced the multiplication table. Moreover, playing teaches the children to be competitive and eficient in what they do. ( read more )

Personal development

We take care of the development and independent life abilities of the children in our center. Through a game of knowledge they learned how to transform something negative into something positive. The more the children in our center will learn to identify and control their emotions and transform them in positive actions the more they will create healty relationships with those around. ( read more )

Intercultural communication

Each day comes with new chalenges. Therefore we talked with the children in our center about romma ethnicity and about their clothing. They learned that in the country they live in different cultures and ethnicities mix together. They were very excited to dance and sing songs that are representative for this ethnicity. ( read more )

Visit at the Village Museum from Bucharest

Children within our center had the chance to visit the Village Museum from Bucharest. Thus they had the chance to gain knowledge, to enrich their history notions, to breath clean air and to relax in a useful way in just one day. ( read more )