The purpose with our organization is to support disabled children and poor families in the north east part of Romania.

The relation started 2006 and since 2007, when they established their living in Switzerland in Sion it has been very active.

In 2007 the big project for us was to start building a Rehabilitation Center in Iasi for disabled children. In this project it come into a very close relation with their support, economical and in project planning questions. The activities of visits, mails and weekly contacts by telephones from Switzerland lasted during 3 years time. It resulted in a complete bulding 2010. In December that year the center was inaugurated by the swedish ambassador and many important people from Iasi city.

From 2011 and ahead the activities are economical supported and a number of weekly courses with coaching and education of staff and parents associations are made.

To summarize the relations during the years I will strongly point out that many of our projects had not been possible to realize without continuous economical and mental support from Rolf and Eivor Kraft Foundation in Switzerland.