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March “One voice for disabilities”

This event is part of the national campaign “One voice for disability”, initiated by The European Center for the Rights of the Children with Disabilities. The campaign aims at creating the required conditions for changing the legislation regarding the rights of children with disabilities in Romania and tries to draw attention on abuses and discrimination of children with disabilities.

The “Star of Hope” Foundation joined the initiative of The European Center for the Rights of the Children with Disabilities to constitute the coalition “One voice for disability”, together with other 41 nongovernmental organizations from 18 counties of the country, and an impressive number of parents that have children with disabilities.

The official numbers show that in Romania live approximately 700.000 people with disability, among which 90.000 are children.

One voice for disabilitiesOne voice for disabilities

The Foundation “Star of Hope” and the coalition “One voice for disability” organized Thursday, March 21 2013, the hours 15.00-16.00, at Iasi, the public march “One voice for disability”. The route of the march was: The City hall – The Palace – The Garden Palas. The demonstrators, around 300, formed one circle, called the circle of rights, in front of Iasi City hall and at the end of the event they formed the same circle in Palas Park.

There were present at this manifestation members of the coalition “One voice for disability”, pupils, professors, volunteers, parents of children with disabilities, representatives of the local authorities and of local media. The main messages of the demonstrators were: “We want rights, not pity!”, “Real access to education!”, “Adapted curricula!”, “Disability, NOT handicap!”.

In collaboration with the parents association “The rebirth of hope” Iasi there was marked the international day of the Down syndrome. The youngsters with Down syndrome from the Center from the “Cicoare” street, and their parents, danced for the audience and were applauded. “It is important that we do not hide and we are not ashamed of our children. We should show that they are part of the community we live in!”, said Mioara Iordache, the president of the association “The rebirth of hope”, mother of a young lady with Down syndrome.

O singura Voce Pentru DizabilitateO singura Voce Pentru Dizabilitate

Andreea Dancinescu, one young lady with disabilities said: „“If we have a handicap, it does not mean that we are useless for the society. We want respect, not pity, we want equal rights. We want one city accessible for all. We want education access at all levels.”

We know that this day is important for all the people with Down syndrome. The City Hall of Iasi, through The Direction of Community Assistance, for years, is a partner for the people with disabilities, in collaboration with local nongovernmental organizations that are helping in this area. I wish that we will become more united, through this march, and we will make the civil society more aware of its problems” declared Luminita Munteanu, the director of The Direction of Community Assistance.

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