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Press release - post event – Hundreds of residents of Iasi, at the Tree of Solidarity

”A kind word, a good thought, everything that makes us happy as normal people, can also make them, the children with disabilities, happy.” (Tatiana Munteanu, mother of a young man with Down syndrome)

Yesterday, December 5 2016, the first stars from the Tree of Solidarity were lit in front of Iasi City Hall. The event organized by Star of Hope Romania Foundation in partnership with Iasi City Hall and TVR Iasi was attended by over 400 residents of Iasi – children, parents, and teachers. The event was also attended by the mayor of Iasi, Mr. Mihai Chirica, Mircea Leontescu, the representative of Sweden Embassy in Romania, Fred Thornes, president of Star of Hope Norway, Eivor Kraft, representative of Kraft Foundation Sweden, as well as by other personalities of the cultural and economic life of Iasi and representatives of NGO’s.

The event is at its fifth edition and is part of the campaign that aims to inform the community and raise awareness among its members regarding the need of respect for the rights of people with disabilities entitled “Together in my world and yours”.

Aurora Vatamaniuc, executive president of Star of Hope Romania Foundation, declared: “Star of Hope Romania Foundation fights that as many children with disabilities as possible have access to social services. Over 70.000 children with disabilities are registered in Romania, of which 70% with accentuated and severe degree. In our projects, we took those children who couldn’t be given any support, for which there was no expertise”.

The mayor of Iasi, Mr. Mihai Chirica, wanted to underline that: ”It is a moment of celebration, but, in the same time, a moment that brings into discussion a lot of sorrow and sadness; within the community of Iasi, that sums up almost 1 million citizens, over 3000 children suffer, and their suffering is not their fault, but ours. Star of Hope Romania wishes to soothe this suffering and, year by year, strives to bring joy into their souls, to help them become useful and help the community to appreciate them as any other normal children.”

Andreea Dăncinescu, Star of Hope Romania ambassador of children with disabilities, made a public manifesto on behalf of children with disabilities: ”I enrolled in the Star of Hope Romania Foundation program since the age of 8 and I have since grown together with the foundation. I received recovery therapy and emotional, physic and spiritual support in order to develop. I myself managed to become qa voice and a support for those that cannot express themselves today, to defend their dignity and rights. I managed to overcome the limits imposed by the disability and I have the capacity to fight for my dreams. At present, I am searching for a job and I will keep fighting for this dream.”

The Eivor family and Rolf Kraft (Kraft Foundation Sweden), people who have been supporting the children with disabilities from the Star of Hope Romania Centers for many years, came from Sweden especially for this event. “Even my husband asked me, at first, why I have chosen Romania… Well, I came here to listen to you and help you fulfill your dreams, to have faith in the future! said Mrs. Eivor Kraft during the press conference that preceded the moment of decorating the Tree of Solidarity. Also, Fred Thornes, the president of Star of Hope Norway, wanted to add that “We are not a foundation that has a lot of money, we need to make fundraising campaigns. And people who donate come from simple families with modest incomes; so you have to know that the people from Norway and from Sweden are with you!”

Star of Hope Romania Foundation lit the first stars în the TREE OF SOLIDARITY together with the main partners: Star of Hope International Sweden and Norway, Sweden Embassy in Bucharest, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Iasi, General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection, Community Assistance Iasi, School Inspectorate of the Iasi County, FONSS, FOPDC, FDSC, Petre Andrei University of Iasi, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences Iasi, prof. Ligia Delia Cosoi - "George Enescu " University of Arts Iasi, Show Jr Academy, Cutezatorii Association Iasi, Strajerul Choir, the 7th grade of "Costache Negruzzi" College Iasi.

The children and the teachers from the following kindergartens and schools have prepared decorations and messages for the TREE OF SOLIDARITY: P.P 29 Kindergarten, Alexandru cel Bun Iasi no 13 School, Miron Costin High-school, Alecu Russo School, Ion Holban Technical High-school, Bogonos School, I. C. Stefanescu Technical College, P.P 3 Kindergarten, Garabet Ibraileanu College, Gheorghe Asachi Technical College, Ion Simionescu High-school, Euroed, Titu Maiorescu School, Spectrum School, Nicolae Iorga School, No. 26 Kindergarten, Cuvioasa Parascheva Kindergarten, Kids Garden Kindergarten, Hopscotch Kindergarten, P.P 1 Kindergarten, P.P 16 Kindergarten, P.P 25 Kindergarten, Lunca Cetatuii School, Ucecom High-school, P.P 21 Kindergarten, Paideusis Kindergarten, ”Mihai Eminescu” College Iasi,”Vasile Alecsandri” High-school Iasi, ”Alexandru Ioan Cuza” High-school Iasi, Technological Economy Tourism High-school Iasi, Domnita School.

The next event of the campaign will be the Charity Concert for the 325 children with disabilities from the Rehabilitation Centers of Star of Hope Romania Foundation. Laura Bretan from Chicago and Proconsul Band will perform at the concert at the Luceafărul Theatre in Iași, on the 15th of December 2016, at 18.00.

We thank the sponsors for their support:

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"Star of Hope" Romania Foundation is a nongovernmental and apolitical organization, based on Christian principles and values. Member of the "Star of Hope International" Sweden organization, it has been present in Romania for more than 25 years, with its headquarters in Iasi. The mission of the "Star of Hope" Romania Foundation is to improve the lives of children in need, especially children with disabilities. Throughout the 25 years,"Star of Hope" Romania Foundation managed to help over 10,000 abandoned and disabled children from families at risk of abandonment to have a better life. The Foundation has established 11Day Centers for children in need and children with disabilities for the recovery and prevention of family abandon and dropout in the NE region of Romania, namely Botosani (2), Dorohoi, Iasi, Barlad, Vaslui(3) Bacău, Ilfov and Tulcea, which sum up over 500 beneficiaries. In 2014, "Star of Hope"Romania founded The Federation of Organizations of Parents who have children with disabilities in the NE region of Romania (over 2000 beneficiaries).

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