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Poveste Cornelia OnicaCornelia Onica is a 2 and a half years old girl with Down syndrome diagnosis. Cornelia needs support for developing fully and beautifully. Since her birth, the parents were informed about what Down Syndrome is and about the fact that their daughter is special. The parents did what they could. She was surrounded with much care and affection by her parents and 2 older sisters. Cornelia grew and they became aware of her special needs. Under the guidance of a medic from neuropsychiatry, they were advised to come to Star of Hope for therapy and counseling.

The early intervention for Cornelia and other children like her is vital until the age of 3, if you expect neurological, psychological and physical development.


So, in September 2013, Cornelia started to go 70 km from her home village, Mitoc, to Iasi for weekly sessions at “Star of Hope” center. Here, after initial assessment, there were set, in collaboration with the parents, the psychological profile and the therapy goals. This is done for achieving harmonious development at physical level and for improving the language, the comCornelia and other children of her age that have the same diagnosis are now integrated in early intervention program. She is part of “Butterflies” group and attends 4 hours of therapy under the guidance of a psychologist and one rehabilitation therapist. Cornelia is a shy girl that loves the presence of other children and spends time observing them and interacting with them. She likes to play with the ball and to admire herself in the mirror. Recently she made her first steps, without help, and now can explore even more the playroom for choosing the toys. The financial condition of the family is difficult. The father works in a different town, away from home, and comes only during weekends, leaving all the educational activities for the children to the mother. The mother is personal assistant for the daughter and was not paid for the last 3 months, and because of this she did not come to Iasi.

One trip to Iasi costs 50 RON (12 EURO). The parents are doing what they can for their other 2 daughters: one is student at one high school in Iasi and lives in a dorm, the other goes to school into another town and needs daily transportation. The parents want to help more Cornelia, by coming more often to Iasi center, but the high transportation expenses make this difficult to achieve.

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