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Community based rehabilitation of the disabled children

Year: 2003

Goal: Social inclusion of the disabled children.

Financers: Star of Hope International, Sweden and Swedish International Development Agency/Swedish Mission Council

Grant: state budget through the Work, Social solidarity and Family Ministry



  • 150 disabled children;
  • 500 families with disabled children;
  • Educational staff;


  • Integration in kindergartens/schools of the disabled children;
  • Create a level of awareness and responsbility in the community regarding the issues of disability;
  • Empowerment of the parents


a. Information and community relations activities

  • Distribution of informational and presentational materials for families, professionals, other community members regarding the mission, service offered, brochures, information regardingdifferent disabilities (Autism, Down Syndrom, Cerebral palsy);
  • Lobby the integration of the disabled children in educational institutions;
  • Different shows and debates, distance dialogues;

b. Parent support and counseling

    • Parent counseling;
    • Inform the parents in regards to the legislative stipulations in the field, services accessible, information regarding the development possibilities of their own child;
    • Information modules / training on the issues of disability;
    • Translation, multiplication and distribution of books in order to respond to the needs of the families with disabled children or regarding different aspects of the disabilities;
    • Engage the parents in common activities, which have as a purpose the socialization and community integration of the disabled children;
    • Organizational development of the parent associations (established and supported by Star of Hope) "Renasterea Sperantei"(Rebirth of Hope) , Iasi, ANCAAR Iasi, "Cutezatorii"(The brave ones) Iasi, "Salut prieteni!",(Hello friends!) Pascani
    • Support group for parents, organized monthly at the offices of the social aid unit;
    • Support for the parent associations in order to start the process of social services accreditation;
    • Monthly meetings of the members of parent associations, which have as a goal the encouragement of the parents, build up relationships among them, share experiences;
    • Occasional material support;

c. Support and counseling for disabled children

      • Initial evaluation of the disabled children;
      • Individual rehabilitation programs weekly;
      • Group therapy for the disabled children 2 or 3 times a week, groups of 5-6 children participate in the group therapy program. Daily duration of 4 hours. Within these sessions the children perform a ctivities for the development of fine and gross motor skills, activities for cognitive development, melotherapy, play-doh collage; creation of various gifts and souvenirs, using different materials; painting, drawing, outings.
      • Support for the disabled children in order to allow their integration in the mass/special educational system;
      • Child socialization;
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