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Specialized support and assistance for the family and child in difficulty

Year: 2007

Period of develpment: 18 months

Organizers: Star of Hope Romania and DGASPC Iasi

Target group: 150 children from the rural environment, children with neuro-psycho-motor deficiencies, coming from families with higly reduced material and financial resources and their parents.


  • Creation of an ambulatory service for the initiation/continuation of a rehabilitation program;
  • Counseling the family of the children with neuro-psycho-motor deficiencies;
  • Preparation of support people from the social actors in the community in order to continue the rehabilitation program for the child with severe disabilities in his home;
  • The involvement of the local authority, of the community in supporting the disabled children


  • training courses for the specialists from the mobile team;
  • training course for the parents that have disabled children;
  • training courses for the community facilitators;
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